Andre Trudel

Dynamic Camera Movement Refined

Stanton Jimmy Jib

The Stanton Jimmy Jib is a versatile camera crane known for its smooth movements, used in film, TV, and live events for dynamic shots. With customizable configurations and advanced controls, it enhances production value with precision and flexibility.


The Steadicam is a camera stabilization system used in filmmaking to capture smooth shots while in motion. It consists of a harness, arm, and gimbal-mounted camera rig, allowing operators to move freely while maintaining stability.


The Mk-V AR, coupled with the Mk-V Nexus sled, revolutionizes filmmaking with unparalleled precision and versatility. Its advanced stabilization enables 360-degree camera rotation and precise angle control, ideal for capturing flawless shots, including vertical compositions, elevating cinematic possibilities for professionals.

Movi Pro

The Move Pro, a compact camera stabilizer, delivers steady shots for filmmakers and content creators on the move. Its lightweight design and advanced gimbal technology ensure professional-quality footage, perfect for diverse filming environments.

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